Get your RacingWhere web widget here!

We have built a light weight "next event" web widget that you can install on your series or track website (with just 1 line of html code) to let your racers know about your upcoming events. This is a great way to keep your racers informed of all the action. The widget automatically links to the RacingWhere database to keep up to date without any changes needed by your webmaster.

The widget is free and in return for placing it on your site, we'll place your logo on your series/track page on  So it's win-win! (And us racers are all about winning!) Simply fill out the form below to set the parameters to see a live example of your widget, then copy and paste the generated code into your website. If you need help, just let us know.

Your widget will look like this:

Next Event Widget Setup and Customization

The most important input parameter is the id key for your series or track. You can find this by navigating to your series or track page on and looking for key=### in the address bar. Simply input that number here.
key =

Is that key for a RacingWhere series or track entry?
Series (default)

How many upcoming events do you want to show?
Number to Show: (default = 1)

Would you like a horizontal layout or vertical layout?
Horizontal (default)

Are you placing the widget on a light or dark background?
Light (default)

Custom colors. Enter HTML color code without hash e.g., fcfcfc (leave blank for default colors)

Main Header Background:
Main Header Text:
Box Footer Background:
Box Footer Text:
Text Color:

Copy and paste this html code into your website:

<iframe id='rw-next-event' src ='' width='310' height='164' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'></iframe>
Have any problems? Let us know if you need any help getting this widget installed on your website. Send us an email at [email protected]